Book Review: The End of Men

I read the book just for the title. And so should you. Seriously, though, this book is golden. The End of Men by Christina Sweeney - Baird is a four-star read through and through. Before we get into why the book is brilliant, I'd like to point out that it can be distressing too. That's… Continue reading Book Review: The End of Men

Book Review: Kim Ji-Young, Born 1982

I love Korean and Japanese translated books. I am also a feminist who is tired of explaining the need and essence of feminism. So when I came across the book Kim Ji-Young, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo, I was super excited to get my hands on it. Kim Ji-young is the most common name for Korean women… Continue reading Book Review: Kim Ji-Young, Born 1982

Book Review: The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

Rating: 4 stars Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Historical fiction, LGBTQ+ Book Aesthetic: Wearing emeralds and sipping champagne, knowing the kind of power you have over people, making decisions disregarding society and their expectations, living life on your terms and doing whatever it takes for love. I have always been the kind of person who can differentiate between the characters… Continue reading Book Review: The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

Book Review: Such A Fun Age By Kiley Reid

It’s been a while since I read a contemporary 4-star book! And not to sound like a book snob or whatever, but I’m very anal about how many stars I give to a book. It manages to talk about a lot of important things such as racism and the financial implications of adulting without it… Continue reading Book Review: Such A Fun Age By Kiley Reid