Feel Good kdramas To Watch On A Rainy Day

June is a joyous month for me because it means the start of the rainy season where I live. So naturally, then, June means hot chocolate with marshmallows (two), bookish days, and comforting kdramas with three servings of ramyun, please! Romance Is A Bonus Book Rainy days and green onionsEating lot of ramyun and other… Continue reading Feel Good kdramas To Watch On A Rainy Day

Book Review: The End of Men

I read the book just for the title. And so should you. Seriously, though, this book is golden. The End of Men by Christina Sweeney - Baird is a four-star read through and through. Before we get into why the book is brilliant, I'd like to point out that it can be distressing too. That's… Continue reading Book Review: The End of Men